Welcome Pharmacists!

Trusted Resources by
Pharmacists in the U.S.

Expand Your Horizons With the Pharmacists.org Membership

A membership that opens doors, increases earning potential and introduces you to a world of possibility with the expertise you already have. 

Welcome Pharmacists!

Expand Your Horizons With the Pharmacists.org Membership

Trusted Resources by Pharmacists in the U.S.

A membership that opens doors, increases earning potential and introduces you to a world of possibility with the expertise you already have. 

Introducing Your Ultimate Pharmacy Side Hustle

Our membership gives you the tools, training, and products for you to start a small business in medical writing and marketing your own online pharmacy shop.

You can earn starting DAY 1. You can learn starting Day 1.

The best part, we show you how to do it all. 

Our Experience + Your Expertise

Our team has been building in consumer health media for 10+ years. We provide you with an amazing platform and membership filled with the training, learning, successes and failures that we’ve seen over the years. 

With your pharmacy expertise, we can open doors for you to build out a new opportunity for you to earn money as a side hustle or even a full time business.

If you join the membership and put in the work, we guarantee that you will find new opportunities to put your pharmacy knowledge to earning more money and gaining financial freedom.

10+ Years of Building in Consumer Health Media

Let our experience and expertise guide you in opening doors and potential using your pharmacy knowledge. 

Chris Riley


Erik Rivera



Dr. Angel Rivera

Top Pharmacy Instructors

Top Pharmacy Instructors from Udemy. 

Over 10+ hours of course instruction in Medical Writing, Digital Marketing, Referral Marketing, and more. 

Alex Evans, PharmD, MBA


Virginia Chachati, MPharm


The Benefits

Pharmacists.org Membership

Join the Pharmacists.org Membership and expand your career possibilities using the expertise you already have!

Access to coaching and training from our staff get you up to speed with content writing, reviewing and medical fact checking.

Resources in Coaching and Training Include:

  • Member Access to Videos and Training Materials for Medical Writing and Reviewing from top Udemy Pharmacist Instructors
  • 2 Exclusive Courses on Job Search in Healthcare and Mastering Excel for Healthcare
  • A new course on Chat GPT and AI Tools to Help you with medical writing.
  • Over 10+ hours of video instruction on how to build
  • Member Access to Videos and Training for setting up a public professional profile on social media
  • Member Access to Medical.Ink – our Marketing Collective
  • Member Access to instantly start publishing and reviewing articles in the Acme Health Network.

Instant access to your own digital pharmacy via our affiliate platform. Huge earnings potential, with commission for sales in your very own SHOP + digital pharmacy commissions as well. 

  • We will provide you best practices on how to start to market your very own digital pharmacy.
  • Each referral that you bring into the Pharmacists.org Membership, you earn a $50 cash reward and you start to earn points that you can use to redeem gift cards, products, and more through our Members Benefit Store.
  • Earn on EVERY SINGLE purchase from our online pharmacy with over 350+ products.

In addition to earning with referrals and marketing your own iPharmacy, you will also be able to earn and use reward points in the Member Store for gift cards, prepaid cards, donations, and more.

The more you become an active member of the community, the more you will earn in rewards. 

The best part is that you can get started earning $ and rewards the second your application is approved! 

Our Membership mission is to open the doors to build on the expertise that you already have in pharmacy. Specifically in establishing yourself as a Medical Writing and Reviewing freelancer AND iPharmacy marketing earner.

  • Members get 10 published articles across the Acme Health portfolio
  • Members get 10 reviewed articles across the Acme Health portfolio
  • Members gain access to discounted rates for membership and associations within the Medical Writing community. 
  • Members will have a published PR released within the first 2 months of becoming a member. 
  • Members will have access to Medical.Ink and other agencies in our network for lined up work. 

Top Reasons to Join TODAY.

Who Can Join?


New Practitioners




Yes, we only require a couple of hours a week to get started.

Don't worry. With our training, coaching sessions, and slack newsletters, we bring you up to speed quickly.

Yes, we will help you build a profile that will enable you to get freelance positions in the future. However, you must be willing to have a public profile if you want to grow into a medical writing and reviewing opportunity. 

Absolutely. We also have a discount if you apply as a student.

While nothing is guaranteed, we will guarantee that if you put in the work, we will work with you all the way so that you can start earning referral and marketing income, medical writing and reviewing income, and member rewards.

This membership alone will not instantly turn on the passive income stream for you. There is work involved, especially on the content and writing side. You must be willing to put in a few hours a week.

Want to learn more?

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